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Top Cloud Computing Companies

No. 1 : GOOGLE

  • cloud computing service
  • (1) Google App Engine: Google App Engine lets you run your web applications on Google's infrastructure. App Engine applications are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow. With App Engine, there are no servers to maintain: You just upload your application, and it's ready to serve your users.
  • (2) Google Docs: Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Google Docs combines the features of Writely and Spreadsheets with a presentation program incorporating technology designed by Tonic Systems. Data storage of any files up to 1GB each in size.
  • (3) Google Apps: Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.Google Apps is free and offers the same amount of storage as regular Gmail accounts.
  • (4) Google Search Engine: No doubt, Google Search Engine is the first cloud-technology-based search engine..
  • No. 2 : Microsoft

    • Cloud Computing Service
  • (1) Live and online solutions:Microsoft provides Windows Live, Office Live, LiveMessenger, Bing, and Xbox Live service for consumers.Services for enterprise customers is Microsoft OnlineServices
  • (2) Windows Azure Platform solutions:Windows Azure, SQL Azure and Windows AzurePlatform AppFabric.
  • (3) Dynamic cloud solutions:For enterprise customers is DIT-SC(Base on Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for System Center),for service providers is DDT-H(Base on Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit forHoster)
  • No. 3 : IBM

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Hardware and software resources:Hardware includes x86 or Power servers, storage servers, switches and routers and other network equipment, Software including operating systems, middleware, databases and applications, such as AIX, Linux, DB2, WebSphere, Lotus, Rational and so on.
  • (2) "Blue Cloud" management software and IBM Tivoli management software.
  • (3) "Blue Cloud " consulting services, deployment services and customer service. "Blue Cloud"solution to the customer's specific needs and application scenarios for secondary development, integrating the cloud computing management platform and our customers existing software and hardware.
  • No. 4 : HP

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) "HP Operations Orchestration" can help business on automatic configuration services, "HP Cloud Assure" supports the governance and management of cloud services, "HP Communications as a Service" provide cloud-based communications services in the form of outsourcing for SMEs.
  • (2) CloudStart (private cloud Rapid Deployment) solutions, including hardware, software and consulting services.
  • (3) Other solutions, including HP Server Automation Server, HP Network Automation, HP ServiceAutomation Reporter, HP Blade System, HP Virtual Connect, HP Systems Insight Manager, HP Integration Services and so on.
  • No. 5 : SAP

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) SAP continuous developing "NetWeaver" and the core technology platform of business intelligence, SAP has not only become the core and basic platform of a variety of management software, but also basic platform for cloud software.
  • (2) SAP will launch an on-demand and SaaS software develop and deploy platform, the product now known as the "River".
  • (3) "SAP Business ByDesign" provide a one-stop integrated ERP solution. SAP cloud products include: SAP strategy along the original, SAP Contract Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Sales Management, SAP Travel Management, SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence, SAP Streamwork application, SAP Vendor Management, SAP carbon emissions management.
  • No. 6 : Oracle(SUN)

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Based on the SaaS / PaaS of Oracle Platform and Oracle IaaS services.
  • (2) "Oracle Enterprise Manager", including "Oracle VM"(for virtualization), "OracleEnterprise Linux"(the operating system ), data grid, grid application and some management middleware.
  • (3) Sun Cloud, including the management applications (Sun xVM Server), OS (Solaris Containers), network (Crossbow), storage (COMSTAR, ZFS) and applications (GlassFish and Java CAPS technology), etc.
  • No. 7 : VMware

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Data center and cloud infrastructure, including "VMware vSphere", "VMware vCloud Director" and so on.
  • (2) Cloud security products such as "VMware vShield Product Family".
  • (3) Infrastructure and operations management "VMware vCenter"
  • (4) Cloud application platform solution "VMware vFabric"
  • (5) End-user computing solutions: desktop virtualization product, VMware mobile virtualization platform.
  • No. 8 : INTEL

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Cloud Builders: a cross-industry initiative aimed at making it easier to build, enhance, and operate cloud infrastructure. Intel Cloud Builders is relevant to enterprises, hosters, telcos, and service providers looking for transformational guidance that will yield more simplified, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructure.
  • (2) 2015 vision (federated cloud): league-style cloud services,allow enterprises to share information on internal and external networks.
  • (3) 2015 vision (automated network): the automation network can significantly improve the energy efficiency of data center.
  • (4) 2015 vision (client-aware):the ability to sense cloud side or customer NoteBook, smart phones and other devices, know they required which application, instructions and procedures, promote the best Intelligent web experience.
  • No. 9 : AMAZON

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Amazon made its reputation as an online bookstore and e-retailer, but its newest business is cloud computing. One of the first vendors in this emerging market more than two years ago, Amazon is a good starting point for any business technology organization trying to decide where and when to plug into the cloud.
  • (2) Amazon's cloud goes by the name Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it consists, so far, of four core services: Simple Storage Service (S3); Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); Simple Queuing Service; and, in beta testing, SimpleDB. In other words, Amazon now offers storage, computer processing, message queuing, and a database management system as plug-and-play services that are accessed over the Internet.
  • (3) Amazon hasn't morphed into a software-as-a-service vendor, but startups and other software developers are using AWS to offer their own flavors of SaaS. They include Vertica, which sells S3-based data warehouses, and Soniaf building new data centers in Iowa, Oregon, North Carolina, and South Carolina, at an average cost of about $600 million each.
  • No. 10 : SALESFORCE

    • cloud computing service
  • (1) Salesforce became the proving ground for software as a service with its Web alternative to premises-based sales force automation applications, and dozens of SaaS companies followed. Salesforce's next act: platform as a service.
  • (2) Marc Benioff's company is making its Web application platform, Force.com, available to other companies as a foundation for their own software services. Force.com includes a relational database, user interface options, business logic, and an integrated development environment called Apex. Programmers can test their Apex-developed apps in the platform's Sandbox, then offer the finished code on Salesforce's AppExchange directory.